In the new technology era, the World changes rapidly, and consumers’ needs evolve quickly.
Bandit’s founders, ex early Uber employees know this, so they built their company and its service around this new generation of consumers.

Bandit Coffee CS

Bandit is a company serving high-quality coffee and other products, per customers’ tastes, at the speed and innovation rate of a technology company. The service is simple, fast, and reliable. But the company is further carefully observing their customers’ likes and dislikes, to make their service fit their consumers like a glove.

The company makes the personalization and the speed of their service possible via their app. Customers personalize, order, and pay for their items via the app, and pick up already made coffee at the nearest coffee shop, without any waiting, simple as a push of the button.


Having a good quality product is the first half of the road to customers’ satisfaction. The other half is creating an immersive experience around obtaining the product and connecting with customers. The same as their products, Bandit’s visual identity, and the app had to be of the highest quality. The app had to be fast, intuitive, easily navigated, bugless.
The team of senior iOS and backend engineers, as well as a senior UI/UX, fit to hold the task to this standard.

Overcoming Challenge

The team started designing and developing the iOS app. With the team’s mindset that the app and the visual design of the whole brand have to be on par with the company’s superior reputation, our team together with Bandit’s core team, settled on redesigning the app and making the visual identity more consistent. The main tools used for the development of the app were Swift, Node.js, and various Web technologies.
The app is currently available on both stores, Android, and iOS, with simple UX, and the option for contactless payment integrated.


The growing base of Bandit followers is now able to enjoy their fresh coffee cup without waiting in line at their own convenience. We continued our work with Bandit, making further improvements, implementing new ideas, and developing new features, creating a disruptive experience for true coffee lovers.

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