Since the last year, BrightMarbles almost doubled in size. We grew from 24 to 45 employees while maintaining our employees’ average experience at around 7 years.
This means we have a few colleagues celebrating their first anniversary in BrightMarbles.
Danilo Trifunjagić is one of them. We talked about how he spent his first year with us, the project he’s been working on, technologies, and the company’s culture.

A year in BrightMarbles from the perspective of a software engineer

Danilo Trifunjagić

Before BrightMarbles, I worked in a completely different company. First of all, it’s much bigger, the second, it’s a product company, and the third technology stack is entirely different.
Bigger companies are structured differently because a lot of people need to be managed. With companies such as BrightMarbles, you have fewer procedures, bureaucracy, and more personal touch of founders.

For instance, in your day-to-day work, you’ll be able to talk with all founders. Therefore, all changes can be implemented quickly if you have a suggestion. But, I mentioned a lack of procedures and processes previously. This can be a downside too – for instance, I struggled and was never sure if I asked everyone that should know for a vacation leave. But the company is continually working on improvements, and they’ve recognized processes that needed improvements and improved them.

I’ve been working in a team that develops a part of a cryptocurrency trading platform. When I first joined a team, I had 7 years of programming experience, and I was the least experienced team member. But my colleagues stated right away that I should ask everything I wasn’t clear about, and I always felt comfortable to do so.
The funny thing is that the tech stack I used in my previous company was completely different. I completely transferred from Windows to the web, cloud, and Linux with the full support of the current company and the team. Our current tech stack on the project is Laravel, Elastic Search, MySQL, Redis, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, CircleCI, Swagger, Capistrano, and Docker.
Last year my team visited the client in The Netherlands, which only improved our collaboration with them.

I must say, so far, so good. I’m satisfied with the company, colleagues, and the project. It helped me grow in a professional sense, and I feel quite comfortable in my current role and day-to-day tasks.