Top 9 Apps Developed Using Flutter

As a community supporting cross-platform development grew, Flutter stepped strongly into the game, and pushed the boundaries. The native look and feel of the apps and time-efficient development helped it gain popularity quickly in the eyes of big brands.

Flutter is an open-source, cross-platform app development tool. It was introduced by Google in 2017 and declared stable for production in 2018. Perhaps the most prominent Flutter side currently is that it’s gone beyond mobile. Mobile applications built-in Flutter can comply and run in modern browsers. This means that the same code base we write to create Android and iOS apps also creates web apps.

With all mentioned above, let’s dive deeper into the apps developed with Flutter and the big brands behind them. (eCommerce)Leading online B2B Trade Marketplace. app is a leading wholesale mobile marketplace for global trade, with around 800.000 downloads to the date of writing this post. The sleek and straightforward app enables users to navigate quickly through its numerous categories.

Alibaba Flutter app

Google Assistant (Productivity)Get things done, hands-free

Google Assistant is an app ready to help its users at a single “Hey Google.” Users can, amongst others, manage their schedules, control smart home devices, and send texts, all of which can be achieved hands-free.

Google Assistant app Flutter

Hamilton Musical (Entertainment)The Official App

The app enables fans to access content related to the popular American musical Hamilton that tells the story of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. The app bears an almost perfect score on Google Play. The fans love it because it keeps Hamilton’s experience alive.

Hamilton Musical app Flutter

Google Ads (Business)

The app helps users stay connected to their campaigns using smartphones. The app enables tracking ad campaigns in real-time, reviewing high-impact recommendations to optimize performance, and taking action quickly and easily.

Google ads app Flutter

Philips Hue app (Lifestyle)

The Philips Hue App is used to control Hue lights and accessories. Users review the app as easy to use and navigate. The app is rated with an almost perfect score on Google Play.

Philips Hue app Flutter

Reflectly (Health and Fitness)Journal / Diary

Reflectly is a personal journal and diary driven by artificial intelligence enabling users to deal with negative thoughts, make positivity louder, and overall teaching its users about the science of well-being.

Reflectly Health and Fitness app Flutter

The New York Times (News and Magazine)

New York Times app enables its users to follow the current events in the World through multimedia storytelling, award-winning journalism, and expert reporting.

The New York Times Flutter

Baidu Tieba (Social Network)

Baidu Tieba is the most used Chinese communication platform hosted by the Chinese search engine company Baidu. It is an entirely user-driven network service.

Baidu Tieba app Flutter
Litebit (Finance)Buy & sell Bitcoin

This is one of the newer apps on the platform, therefore it’s still in a process of polishing. The app is used for cryptocurrency trading. We admire the app because of the progressive way it handles information security.

Litebit app Flutter

Are you planning to build an app with Flutter?

The list of apps we shared as an example tells us that we can use Flutter to develop apps within various industries and levels of complexity. We love to share our knowledge, so if you’re a developer, in need of expert advice about Flutter, let us know, we’ll connect you with our colleagues, and help you completely free of charge.

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