In the previous blog, we wrote about the developer’s perspective of a year in BrightMarbles. This time, we bring a bit different perspective, a Lead Test Engineer perspective.

A year in BrightMarbles from a perspective of Lead Test Engineer

Meet Miloš. He is a guy behind our QA department. He was the first Test Engineer we employed, with the mind to develop a whole department with his help. A year after Miloš joined in, our QA department counts four fantastic experts in their fields, working on projects for clients, helping them get the best experience, and the high-quality product that makes our service premium.

So, Miloš, how was your year?

“I joined BrightMarbles in June last year, and when I look back and see how much things have changed, I’m proud that I was a part of that change.

What does being the first test engineer in the company means? It means there are no processes or procedures regarding testing. Therefore, I saw creating and implementing them as part of my main job, besides working on a client project. Not long after, the demand for testing tasks succeeded the capacities of one person, so we employed another test engineer.

The good thing about BrightMarbles is management. And no, nobody held me on a gunpoint to say this. 😀 You can discuss your ideas and suggestions with the CEO freely, and if it fits the overall goal of the company, you will be given a chance to realize them. So, at my initiative, the scope of my role broadened, and I’m heading in a slightly different direction.

This level of trust and encouragement makes me feel good about what I do.

Regarding the current structure of the QA team in BrightMarbles, in most other companies, the QA team is seen as a team at the end of the chain. Sometimes as a team that has the least influence on the final product. Our idea at the BrightMarbles is a bit different.

QA team is seen as a team that’s responsible for the overall quality of the work.

We’re in charge of the quality of the communication, client satisfaction, and of course, the quality of the final product. That’s why most of our test engineers are also certified SCRUM masters.

And regarding the company’s culture. This is the company consisted of mostly seniors. With years of previous experience, people I collaborate with are real professionals.

Overall, with personal effort and commitment, you can go far, and that’s what makes me comfortable and satisfied.”