Nenad Bjelobaba about BrightMarbles

Many companies share updates on their social networks about company culture and perks, but what can you really know about your job from that. Yeah, it all might sound fun, but at the end of the day, the majority of your time will be spent on workload and tasks.

That’s why we decided to talk with Nenad Bjelobaba, our colleague, about current and past projects he worked on in BrightMarbles.
Nenad is a Senior Engineer, with 6+ years of experience. BrightMarbles is the second company he’s been working in during his career.

Hi Nenad, tell us something about the first project you’ve worked on when you came to BrightMarbles?

It was a project for handling orders built for a big telecommunication company.
Imagine this, you go to your local phone service provider, and buy a smartphone. An employee enters your information in the system, and it does everything in the background – activate the sim card, connect it with your payment plan, update on your profile, etc.

Sounds interesting, what’s the tech stack?

It’s Java, IBM Integration Bus, IBM ODM.

What about the team?

We worked as extended team members, meaning our client already had a team of 8-10 excellent developers, and they hired us to help them with the workload, and meeting deadlines.
It’s fun actually. I spent around 3 months working onsite since we needed to get on the board with the project.
When the project was done, we got really positive reviews regarding our professionalism and technical expertise, it was the moment I felt really proud of myself.

Can you tell us about the next project you’ve worked on in BrightMarbles?

Well, I worked on the previously mentioned project for a year or so.
On the next project, I worked in a DevOps support team.
The project was a track and trace solution for a food packaging company. The system works like this, you have canned food, printer prints and sticks a label on it, and then you have a camera that controls a code on the label.

What’s next?

Currently, I’m catching my breath and using the time to learn new stuff and follow industry trends.
My next project will be a .Net Core project, and I’m really looking forward to it.
I like that I have the opportunity at BrightMarbles to work on different technologies and grow my expertise in various areas, I think that knowledge diversity gives you flexibility, which is always good to have.