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In short, PlayerHunter is LinkedIn for footballers. A sports social network, for finding a club and connecting with scouts, agents, and managers. With the intuitive algorithm, an app finds optimal matches between user profiles and potential clubs and agents.


As a startup company, one cannot afford to make a mistake. That’s why PlayerHunter approached BrightMarbles in need of a small, already well-coordinated team of professionals for quick and effective development of the frontend side of their app that needed to go live soon.


The main challenge our team of front-end developers faced was the dynamics of the project, and the amount of the features needed to produce under a tight time constraint, without compromising the quality of the code.
The technology used during the development phase included Angular 2, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Our team’s involvement in the project lasted for about a year.


With the job done, PlayerHunter’s app was ready to go live, with quality solutions, tested and developed according to principles of modern software development. The solution included all of the information relevant for a footballer, such as skills, and the possibility to endorse them, working experience, demographics, position, height, weight, even t-shirt, and shoe size. Users could post and share photos and videos, and interact with each other via comments and direct messaging.

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