Everything You Wanted to Know About BrightMarbles

Q: I don’t have any previous experience working with you guys, so how can I be sure I made the right decision?

A: We know that finding a good partner in today’s market is hard work. The main concern for startups and enterprises is investing and spending their time and money. Enterprises face a lot of pressure to maintain their hard-earned position. They need to stick to the tailored budget, maintain a high quality of a product while realizing it on time. All these affects the company’s reputation and industry standard.

All the software outsourcing companies already pitched me their deals. Why should I go with you?

Do you want to be a generic prospect receiving spam-like cold pitches? Many software outsourcing companies spam prospects emails, all telling the same old story. Each email has the same eye-grabbing keywords, offers the same services, all aimed at depleting your budget. Many offshore software development companies do a pretty good job, but many of them don’t. The problem of choosing between the two is always present.

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With such noise in the offshore software development market, choosing the right partner is hard.

We at BrightMarbles make our mission to ease this selection process for you. We’ll stick to transparency, quality, and availability during the whole product development journey.

You’ll be discussing the needs and scope of your project with the company’s owners. Our founders and management are available to you during the entire project development.

From the initial meeting to the final polishing of the product, you can count on us.

We will never promise what we can’t deliver.

We will only take on projects we know we can deliver. We are not strangers to taking on the risks and we’ve had our fair share of “let’s do it” moments. However, we will share every pro and con with you. We’ll discuss what the specific challenge might be, what expertise or experience are we missing and what are the risks on the project. One thing is certain – we’ll not compromise your project’s results for our team’s training. We commit to teaching our team new things, but never on the account of putting you in a risky situation. Yet, if we notice a risky aspect of your project, we’ll bring it up. We will then introduce you to what might be a risk, and seek to resolve it together.

If you’re ready to tell us your needs and problems, in return, you’ll get an answer whether we can, or can’t solve it. Simple as that. If we say we can, we will do it. If we can’t, then we’re glad to recommend some of our partners who might deliver what we can’t. If even none of our partners can help you with what you need, we will tell you that. We will not leave you in the dark about our capability and competence to deliver you the desired results.

At all times, you can get in contact with our founders, either via skype or in person. Since the part of our management is in Germany, meeting in person is sometimes the better option. So, if you’re situated in any of the EU countries nearby, we can set up a live meeting about your project.

Is there anywhere I can hear from your previous clients and what’s their story about working with you?

You can find testimonials and interviews with decision-makers from some of our previous clients on our website. Yet we’re aware that testimonials and use case docs are promotional in nature. It’s only natural to read them with the grain of salt. However, we have stayed in touch with all the clients we worked with. Upon your request (and if they’re okay with it) we can get you in touch with decision-makers. You can discuss any business or technical aspect you’re unsure about. We could set up a live meeting or a Skype call and you can get an honest review (benefits, what could be better and what’s good) from people we worked with. Of course, our clients are free to choose whether they want to be available for these kinds of reviews. If you choose to work with us, we’ll offer you to review us to other potential clients, if that’s okay with you. No pressure!

We’ll make you a team of winners!

When you tell us what you need, we’ll present you with the custom-tailored team we see fit. Choosing the right team for your project is our highest priority. So, if you need any relevant info about team members and their expertise, we’ll send you their resume. Also, we can highlight those team members we find particularly fit for the project.  If after all this you give us a green light, we’re ready to go in the production.

What about all those techie stuff? Can I unleash my CTO at you?

Anything you might find confusing or unclear about the technical aspects, let us know. Our CTO, COO, and our engineers are ready to take all your technical questions about your project.

If you want to check our engineer’s tech and expertise background, we’ll be happy to make it possible. We can set up a technical interview with our team members working on your project. If you think that someone’s not the best fit for what you need, you’re free to say so. If it’s the other way around and someone feels he/she can’t contribute 100% to your requirements, we’ll tell you. Either way, we’ll always strive to give you the best people to give you the results you want. This doesn’t mean a team will consist only of our senior engineers. The team we put together is the team we find fit to deliver the best results for the project.

If our engineer needs or wants to step down from a project, we try to make it as painless as possible. We will never charge you for the onboarding and knowledge transfer period. When the new team member joins the project, the time he/she needs to get to know the process is on the house. Charging you for this period would be against our principle of transparency and fairness. Of course, we will never replace a member of the team without your consent or knowledge. Every decision we make about changes during the project, we make together with you.

What if I need to put the project on hold or cancel it?

If you want it on hold, it’s on hold. If the project lasts for an extended period, you can put it on hold if you’re not satisfied. If you want to put it on hold for any other valid reason, you’re free to do so. We will only take what belongs to us. Which means we’ll only charge the hours our team members spent working on your project.

All you have to do is make a clear decision you want the project to stop. We understand you have to stick to your budget and avoid any unnecessary challenges. Since we know what it’s like to be a company owner, you can count on our empathy. We understand that growing a company and polishing the product is a priority. Even if it means stopping the development process from our end.

We hope that our approach to this matter can help you manage your budget and your company easier.

Yes, but for whose company is this good for?

Learning the hard truth can be both satisfying and disappointing. Yet, we learned that telling the hard truth is important for transparency. As long as there’s a trusting business relationship, the project will be successful.

We’ll tell if:

– We can’t offer the necessary expertise for your project.

– We can’t deliver the required result in time.

– We know some of our partners’ would be more suitable to do the work we couldn’t.

– We find that none of our partners have a silver bullet for your project’s needs.

Thus, honesty might not be pleasant for either, but it’s the best for both.

For tl;dr and more visual presentation of who we are and what we do, check out our portfolio.

We will continue to answer your questions in the next FAQ series (stay tuned!). you can send your questions via email or through a contact form on our contact page.