#bmInternship is over and we couldn’t be happier with the results


When we announced our internship program four months ago, we had a difficult job of choosing the best candidates. Over 70 applicants showed great interest in learning the ways of software engineering. After a long and hard selection process, we chose candidates who showed the most interest and talent for a career in the IT industry.

Today, after 3 months of actively learning new technologies and implementing that knowledge into working on a project, we are happy to wave goodbye to interns, and welcome you as fellow software engineers!

May your code ever be clean, and may you always find the easiest way to smash those bugs. For those of you who chose to show their knowledge elsewhere, we hope that you have gained valuable knowledge from us! We hope that you had a great time here at BrightMarbles. And for those of you who chose to stay with us in BrightMarbles, we’re looking forward to working together on amazing projects!