A selection process is a process of mutual assessment. While a company assesses a candidate, it gets assessed back. HR interview is when we talk about the company, where we try to describe it as realistically as possible, with all its ups and downsides. This is what you would hear at the interview.

Working at BrightMarbles icon

BrightMarbles is a young company with strong expertise. We were founded in May 2016 by Boris Berat, Darko Kovač, Oliver Šipoš, and Bojan Tomić. They already were established professionals, but they wanted to create a company to reflect their own values, a company where they would feel at home.

Engineering Your Vision

Our goal as a company is to develop high-quality, premium software as per our clients’ needs. We cover the entire customer journey – starting from the idea, design, development, and maintenance of a software solution.

Our clients mainly come from English-speaking countries. That’s why fluent English is a must. The size of the projects varies. We equally work on small and big projects that are counting 20+ team members. Our projects come from various industries, and we cover a wide range of technologies.

We currently have around 60 employees, most of whom are classified as Senior Engineers. About 75% of the company consists of Mediors and Seniors.
We appreciate highly technical expertise and flexibility, communication skills, collaboration, proactivity, and ownership.

As a relatively small and young company, we are still in the process of establishing our procedures. If you come from a large and well-organized system, this can be a bit shocker to you. But we work very hard on defining our processes well and acquiring ISO standardization.
Our central premise is “Partnership of equal opportunities.” No matter the seniority or the department, all of us have equal opportunities for personal and professional growth and ownership over the tasks and processes (depending on the seniority).

Employees at old office

To Err is Human

It’s important to quote our mission here, which goes like this: “We want to develop a sharp focus on the quality across all departments, create a safe and stress-free environment for our colleagues, inspire and enable learning culture. Thus be the partner clients and colleagues feel comfortable to rely on, and a respectable software development company all-in-all.
We aspire to develop a culture, besides equal opportunities, that’s stress-free. Making an error is something we all do during our work, and that’s ok. The important thing is holding yourself accountable and resolving it.

Working hours are flexible. You start between 8 am, and 10 am and work for 8 hours in total. This doesn’t apply if, for instance, you have a daily meeting earlier, then you’re accountable to show on time for the meeting.

We have 25 days of vacation. Being well-rested is essential. You’ll feel better, and you’ll be more productive. That’s why we have more days of vacation than is the country’s standard.

Taking care of health is also important. We offer and fully finance private health insurance and accident insurance.

Employees on karting

That’s mainly it! We listen to our colleagues all the time and try to find ways of how to make workdays more comfortable for everybody.

But, sometimes, it’s not possible to keep fluctuation to be zero. Sometimes our colleagues leave. It might be they’ve found a project that suits them better, or due to shifts in their personal life. Whatever the reason, we always give our best to make the transition smoother.
This year we had 4 of our colleagues leave, due to new opportunities, or relocation. We were sad to see them go, but also glad for their success, and we’ll be so happy to see them hopefully the next year at our annual party and catch up.

That’s it about us. If you have any questions regarding our company, contact us.