2021 was yet another year of change for the global business community. In parallel with managing the pandemic’s impact on our operations and adapting our workplace for hybrid working, we focused on accelerating our growth.

On Transformation to BrightMarbles Holding Group (BMGH)

We started the transformation to a holding company structure to become a truly global organization and access the international talent pool. Our management vision is to “build a strong and reliable BrightMarbles Holding Group (BMGH), united through trusting relations,” and establish our new company as a leading IT service provider on a global scale.

We established our headquarters in Rotterdam, NL, and currently have five teams under our wing — BM Netherlands, BM Novi Sad, BM Macedonia, BM Brazil, and UN1QUELY. With the company’s European roots and global reach, we believe BMGH can offer the best blend of software, cybersecurity, business expertise, and proven ability to quickly tackle the client’s technology needs with agility in building cutting-edge tailor-made solutions.

This transformation is one of the most important steps we as a company have ever taken. And we won’t stop there.

We’re working furiously on some incredibly innovative and exciting ideas that’ll help us raise our game even more. We’ll open new offices in the next few months and expand our business and engineering teams. We also believe that focusing on quality rather than quantity will lead to a highly-skilled squad that can ultimately deliver far superior results to clients. Together, we’ll drive the company forward and revolutionize digital service delivery.

On Celebrating Diversity within “One-Team” Culture

With more than 120 marbles across our offices, we’re doing our best to build a “one-team” culture. At the same time, we have such vibrant people in different cities, so there’s plenty of space for local innovations and inside jokes to keep things fun. This is the best part of building global teams: diversity across the group—in backgrounds and experiences—and opportunities to learn from each other.

And even though we believe that talent is global and the strongest teams are borderless, we’re still believers in the power of working beside our teammates (even periodically). Remarkable things can happen when brainstorms are done in person with a whiteboard, when data can be explained while pointing at the same screen, and when relationships can be formed over regular coffee or lunch meetings rather than messaging platforms. That’s why we’ll invest in turning our offices into creative and collaborative hubs for all our activities, as well as in more travel opportunities and team buildings.

Our people make us who we are. We aim to make BMGH a place where all employees receive the support they need to succeed, where no one faces obstacles based on race, ethnicity, nationality, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, or disability. With a zero-tolerance policy against any kind of discrimination, BrightMarbles stands for respect, inclusion, equal opportunity, diversity, and character. We have and always will rail against anything other than absolute commitment to this guiding principle. I am immensely proud of the progress we continue to make in advancing our inclusive work culture. I realize there’s always more we can do.

Thank You for Your Contribution

On behalf of the Executive Board of BrightMarbles Group Holding, I’d like to thank everyone —our employees, partners, clients, and community—for your support and the confidence you place in our business model, management, and mission. Together, we’re positioning BrightMarbles for further growth in 2022. We have much to look forward to, and I’m pleased to have you with us on this journey. 

Take good care and be safe.

Boris Berat
CEO and Co-Founder
BrightMarbles Group Holding