Strong Women of Tech

Strong Women of Tech meme

International Women’s day is celebrated from the early start of the previous century. And while some like the idea of it, others don’t quite catch its drift.

The truth of the matter is, March 8th marked an end of a successful fight for women’s right to vote in Russia. It started as a day where women were celebrated for being fighters for equality.

Why do we mention this?
There are fewer women in tech than men, and statistics say that they are less paid on average, even though they have a higher level of education on average. The reasons behind this are yet to be discussed, but we should all take our part in this fight for equality, in our own backyard, and wider.

Even though women are outnumbered at our company, as it’s the case in almost every software engineering company, they are not a lesser part of us when it comes to knowledge, influence, authority.

We pride ourselves on being an equal opportunity employer, and it’s not just an empty phrase we repeat because it’s cool to say. We pride ourselves on our colleagues no matter who they are or what gender were they given.