Perks: Remote work

With the offices located near the center of Novi Sad, BrightMarbles is located perfectly, amongst many restaurants, relevant institutions, post offices, banks…etc. So everything you need is just a stone’s throw away. And not to mention that you come to the office and work with these awesome people who can turn even the worst day into fun.

But, we understand that not all people and all the time, share our enthusiasm for the situation where somebody else worries about the coffee supplies for you.

That’s why we have this policy – you can work two days a month from home, or as per request. The main condition is that your team and management agree.
This is the perk we have since the days we started the company, and it turned out to be a pretty awesome one.
We haven’t analyzed the most common reasons for remote work, but here are the most frequent ones for our marketing department. There was a party on Thursday. 😊
But no matter the reason, if it’s a party, travel, or lack of babysitter, it’s always easy when you can count on these days.

Pssssst, like what you see? We’re hiring, check out open positions.