Selecting a good software development company as a partner isn’t just a matter of convenience, sometimes it’s the difference between success and failure, or at least an amount of time you’ll spend working and reworking the software.

When we started BrightMarbles in 2016, we envisioned a company that would provide high-quality, premium software services. That’s the goal we’re fully committed to, the goal we’re working towards daily the bar we raise with every decision we make.

How we work: 5 cornerstones

Cornerstones of our premium service

Hands-on experience

Growing from 4 founders to 40+ employees took us four years. We took our time and chose to work only with the best people we knew. The current average experience is 7+ years, and the median of the seniority is Senior. The expertise of our people covers various programming languages (Android, iOS, different cross-platform solutions, JavaScript and other front-end technologies, .NET, Java, NodeJS, and others), multiple industries, and experience with collaboration with clients of different size.

Direct communication with C level management

Our clients communicate directly with our founders. Why is this important? This communication offers a lot of flexibility and quick decision-making.

Flexible contract

We were a startup once, and we know the struggles. Our contract is perfectly flexible. Teams can be scaled up or down, and contracts can be terminated from our client’s side without notice period.

European timezone

Fluent English and timezone as our clients provide a stress-free, easy collaboration for everybody involved.

We are a member of the elite software engineering network Digital Knights.

This is a network of companies offering guaranteed quality software engineering services. Only the top 7% of the companies applied are accepted to be members. In the rigorous background check and technical assessment, we proved ourselves to be one of them.

With that said, let us dive into how the process of collaboration goes.

How we work

Definition, discovery, and scope

We work together with our clients to define all specifications, project details, software features and functionalities, the timeline, and deadlines.

Development and collaboration

When every aspect of the project is defined, we start with the development. We write a code using the best industry standards. Clean code is a must.


We respect timelines and deadlines. The code is tested and sent to production.


If agreed upon, we can provide support and maintenance for the code.
In the end, we’d like to mention our services, or what with what we can help our clients with.

Our services

Custom software development

We develop tailor-made software for our clients. When it comes to programming languages, we follow industry trends, and we optimize the development process by selecting the right tools for the job.

Dedicated development teams

Maybe the development already started, or the need for team augmentation appeared. We can provide people to fit our customer’s needs.

Mobile app development

We have experience in developing both native and cross-platform solutions for mobile phones.

Machine learning

AI rooted in data science, applied mathematics, and a decade of experience in implementing diverse modeling projects.

Web development

Websites, presentations, or apps, we’re well versed, and we offer full-stack development according to the industry standards.

Quality Assurance

Automated or manual testing for software that runs like clockwork. Our QA team is equipped to find even the toughest bugs.

Finding a good software development partner isn’t an easy task, and we hope we made it easier to find all the necessary information about the way we work.
If you’re still not sure if we’re the right partner for you, we can help you get in touch with some of our current clients for a more detailed experience of the collaboration with us, just let us know.
The final note we want you to take is this – when it comes to software – the quality matters—the quality of the architecture, design, user experience, code, and overall communication and collaboration. Our experience guarantees a team of capable developers, with a tailor-made approach to your specific needs. Are you ready to level up your business?

Contact us with a request for a quote. It’s free.