We owe our awesomeness to a bunch of things. First off, we got lucky with some awesome folks who cheered us on as we chased our dreams. Second, we’ve busted our butts to get damn good at what we do. But really, the heart and soul of who we are comes from the lessons we’ve learned about how to see the world, deal with others, handle our responsibilities, tackle tasks, and understand ourselves. These aren’t just life lessons, but guiding principles and values—many of which were inherited from our parents. They taught us how to perceive the world, interact with others, take ownership of our responsibilities, approach challenges, and understand our own individual selves. This blog post is a tribute to those lessons, a reflection of the values we learned at home that have now become an integral part of our professional ethos. 


“For a stretch of days, I found myself utterly amazed by my dad’s unwavering determination when it came to fixing and solving things. His tenacity left a lasting impression on me, particularly his drive to instill the same trait in me. Whenever I confront challenging tasks, I draw strength from his memory. He was not only a brilliant engineer, but also possessed a sharp wit that added to his charm. It’s safe to say he played a significant role in shaping who I am today and where I find myself.” – Svetlana Kosić, Marketing Specialist at BrightMarbles Serbia 


“Back in the day, whenever my brothers and I found ourselves in a jam or got caught up in some mess, we knew who to turn to: our mom. She drilled into our heads that we were each other’s first line of defense, and that’s why we made it a point to tackle the problem ourselves before crying for help. Funny thing is, more often than not, we actually managed to sort things out on our own. Who would’ve thought? Maybe that’s why I’m such a stellar team player these days. Go figure!” – Marko Krstanović, Tech Officer for the Mobile Team at BrightMarbles Serbia 

Continuous Learning 

“Whenever I’d go to my mum with a question or ask for a hand with something, she never spoon-fed me the answer or provided a quick fix to my immediate problem. Nope, she always made time to guide me in finding the answers on my own, digging into the literature myself, and discovering how to learn independently. I got to give credit to her for instilling in me this hunger for knowledge, because now I wake up every day craving to expand my intellectual horizons.” – Nebojša Lalić, Co-founder and CEO at UN1QUELY 

Diversity and Inclusion 

“My mom had this classic line she’d drop: “We’re all human” and “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” The funny thing is, I grew up in a place where people were quick to judge anything that didn’t fit their mold. But you know what? Over the years, my mom’s words really struck a chord with me, and I couldn’t be happier about it.” – Boris Berat, Co-founder and CEO at BrightMarbles Group 


“When I was about ten, my parents gave me a bicycle. It wasn’t just any bicycle—it was my first ever “grown-up” bike, but I was responsible for its upkeep. At first, it seemed like a daunting task. But as time passed, I realized that this was more than just about the bike’s maintenance. It was a lesson in taking full ownership of my belongings. The pride I felt each time I accomplished a minor repair or successfully fixed a flat tire was immense. This bike wasn’t just a vehicle; it was a steppingstone towards understanding the value of ownership, a lesson that I’ve carried with me into my professional life.” – Daniela Červeni, People Operations Manager at BrightMarbles Serbia 


“The garage was my dad’s favorite spot in our house. He loved tinkering with things, creating new objects from old, worn-out ones. This man’s workshop was a sanctuary of innovation. He taught me how to look at the world with an inventive mindset, to always consider how things could be improved. To this day, whenever I am faced with a problem, my first instinct is to imagine a solution that doesn’t exist yet.” – Anja Jovičin, IT Recruiter at BrightMarbles Serbia 


“My parents were always firm believers in the idea that anything worth doing is worth doing well. This principle permeated our daily lives. If we did our chores, we did them to the best of our ability. If we committed to a project, we didn’t stop until it was completed with excellence. They showed us through their own actions that maintaining high standards was a key to success.” – Branko Džakula, Co-founder and COO at UN1QUELY / CISO at BrightMarbles Group 


“Surrounded by books, Dad fostered an environment of curiosity, always encouraging us to explore new topics, ask questions, and seek knowledge. His belief was that curiosity opens doors and propels us forward. Now, I carry that same curiosity into my work and personal life, constantly eager to learn and grow.” – Katarina Zec, People Operations Manager at UN1QUELY 


“Whenever my siblings and I squabbled over who got the bigger piece of cake, my dad would remind us of the importance of fairness. He would tell us that treating others equitably was paramount, not only in our family but in all aspects of life. His constant reminder has stuck with me, molding me into a person who values fairness in every situation.” – Bojan Tomić, Co-founder and COO at BrightMarbles Group 


“My parents were always honest and upfront with us, even about difficult things. They taught us that transparency is the foundation of trust. They weren’t afraid to say, “We don’t know,” or “We made a mistake.” That honesty has guided me throughout my life, especially when working with teams. I strive to be transparent in all my dealings, promoting a culture of trust and openness.” – Sanel Jovanović, Co-founder and IT Director at Brightly 

Trust and Freedom 

My parents were big believers in giving us the freedom to make our own decisions and “mistakes. They trusted us to learn from our failures and improve. Their trust bestowed a sense of freedom, a feeling that I carry into my work life, trusting in my abilities and those of my team. They have taught me that trust isn’t about being perfect—it’s about being willing to learn and grow.” – Mirjana Parpura Đorđević, Co-founder and HR Director at Brightly 


“I remember my mom always saying, “Be true to yourself.” She firmly believed that authenticity mattered more than fitting in. Her integrity and dedication to her values were something that I always admired. She showed me that being authentic wasn’t about being unique or different, but rather being genuine and true. To this day, I strive to maintain that authenticity in all areas of my life.” – Dragana Ječmenica, IT Recruiter at BrightMarbles Serbia 


“Growing up, our home was a place of open hearts and understanding. My parents fostered an environment of empathy, showing us that understanding others’ emotions is not a weakness, but a strength. This understanding has become a compass in my personal and professional life, guiding my interactions with people. It has taught me to approach every situation with kindness and to appreciate the power of emotional understanding in building strong, meaningful relationships.” – Nastasija Trajanova, Marketing Specialist at BrightMarbles Macedonia 


“My father always stressed the importance of doing what’s right, even when no one is watching. I remember him returning the extra change a cashier once gave him by mistake. It was a small amount, but to him, it was about the principle. He taught us that integrity is not negotiable and that our actions reflect who we truly are. Today, I strive to uphold this same value in all areas of my life, ensuring that my actions align with my values, and always standing by what’s right, regardless of the situation.” – Darko Kovač, Co-founder and CTO at BrightMarbles Group 


“My parents believed that true success wasn’t just about achieving your own goals, but also about helping others reach theirs. I remember how they’d always be there to lend a hand, or simply listen when someone needed it. They taught me that by supporting others, we build stronger relationships and a more positive environment. This value of supportiveness has become a cornerstone of my professional ethos, inspiring me to assist my colleagues in their journey to the top and foster a collaborative and uplifting atmosphere in the workplace.” – Nevena Nemeš, CXO at BrightMarbles Group 


Our parents have played a seriously epic role in shaping who we are and propelling us forward. Whether they were dropping knowledge bombs directly or subtly influencing us, they’ve ingrained values, provided guidance, and dished out life skills like nobody’s business. With their love, support, and unwavering belief in us, they’ve been the turbo boost behind our awesome accomplishments. As we navigate the wild twists and turns of life, their presence and wisdom keep us inspired and ready to tackle anything. It’s about time we give them the recognition they deserve for shaping our (and their) awesomeness!