BrightMarbles is an engineering powerhouse. Since our launch in 2016, we’ve been primarily focused on product development for our clients and our main goal is to deliver top-notch custom software solutions. We guarantee nothing less but premium quality for every single task, project, and product we develop. That’s why we invest our energy and assets in knowledge, follow industry trends, and engage with the relevant players from the niche.  

None of the above would be possible if we didn’t develop a company culture that takes exceptional care of our colleagues and their needs.  

In this post, we’ll show you in detail how we keep our Mibsters happy and inspired to fuel the powerhouse from the beginning with their knowledge and energy. 

The BrightMarbles’ Business Vision 

At BrightMarbles, we firmly believe in the power of trust. From our point of view, each teammate will do the right thing if treated right, without tiring corporate tirades.  

That’s why our management, the HR team, and the entire BrightMarbles Group Holding (BMGH) are determined to build a positive, healthy, and flexible work environment. We apply this to the entire BrightMarbles Universe: everything we do and everybody who works with us (the Masters of the BrightMarbles’ Universe). Such an approach results in entrepreneurial, free-thinking, and self-standing colleagues.  

Everyone is welcome to join the BrightMarbles team, regardless of gender, race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability. Equality, inclusion, and sustainability are the fundamental company values we nurture. Our primary requirement is that you’re a skillful, experienced, and open-minded expert in the niche in question.  

Professional Development and Personal Improvement 

It’s important to highlight that BrightMarbles puts a particular emphasis on professional development and personal improvement. We don’t want our colleagues to get stuck in any aspect of their lives, especially not their business growth. And if they come across an obstacle, our managers and team leaders are here to help them lift the barrier. 

Also, if their current project doesn’t inspire them or they got fed up with it, they can feel free to tell their team leader. We’ll do our best to find a project that suits their skills and their current career goals. This open-door policy, in which we encourage our Mibsters to speak up, is something we’ll keep as an integral part of our business etiquette. 

General Employee Benefits at BMGH 

We think that our clients’ and employees’ progress are equally important. As a matter of fact, we’d say that they’re mutually inclusive. Without satisfied and happy colleagues, there are no timely deliveries of quality products for our clients.  

Apart from calling them the Masters of the BrightMarbles’ Universe, we like to refer to our colleagues as Mibsters – bright and witty players of marbles, able to find and roll out a perfect solution for every task. Here are the key benefits – the whole nine yards – that our Mibsters enjoy:  

Professional Space 

  1. Feedback and feedforward. We organize and provide 1-on-1 sessions, 360 reviews, career progression meetings, mentoring, and other practices that help our colleagues.  
  1. Impactful work. Some of the projects we’re working on, such as 3D culturing cells or building the biggest cryptocurrency platform, have the potential to impact the world we live in significantly. It is something we’re aiming at as a holding.  
  1. Paid certifications and budget for books and courses. We support lifelong professional development and education. Our colleagues are welcome to enroll in courses, earn certificates, and order books that will boost their knowledge and performance. 
  1. Social skills training. Soft skills are already changing the IT industry. Assertive communication, creative teamwork, and flexibility are only some of the many soft skills we promote and support. 
  1. English lessons. BrightMarbles is happy to help you improve your English via language lessons and courses. 
  1. Coaching sessions. An experienced coach is at our Mibsters’ disposal to support them in achieving a specific personal or professional goal through training and guidance. 
  1. Flexible work location and hours. You can start any time from 7 to 10 AM and communicate the pace of every workday with your team lead. 

Personal Space 

  1. 25 vacation days. Our colleagues can take up to 25 vacation days per year, five days more than Serbian law prescribes. 
  1. Private healthcare. Saying that BrightMarbles cares about its people is an understatement, and our workers’ health and well-being are our priority. Hence, all the Mibsters have private healthcare (and subsidized private healthcare for their partners). 
  1. Annual checkup. We organize an annual medical checkup for all our Mibsters, regardless of location.  
  1. 1-on-1 psychotherapy sessions. Our company is always here to help Mibsters overcome potential issues by providing support of external psychotherapists (live or online).  
  1. Subsidized exercise (FitPass). Physical activity alleviates stress, improves workers’ mood, and increases their productivity; therefore: FitPass. 
  1. Life-work balance. We strongly support a balanced lifestyle to keep Mibsters satisfied and prevent any potential burnout. And yes, as long as you’re under our roof, you can say NO to overtime! 
  1. Fun and games for leisure and rest. There are fun games in our office for leisure and rest, and our Mibsters can enjoy different teambuilding activities.  

Loyalty Program 

We’re currently working on special benefits for our long-term colleagues; the longer you stay with us, the more perks you enjoy. This unique program will have been implemented by early 2023.  

Perks for BM Parents and Their Children 

Currently, we exhibit more than seven years of software engineering experience per developer. It means that most of our engineers have families and children.  

We’re happy to provide every kind of support and assistance to our working parents, helping them raise their kids with utmost care and attention.  

That’s why we’re constantly working on the perks and benefits for all of them, as follows: 

  1. Private healthcare for children. We take great care of our teammates’ children (the little Mibsters) and make sure they stay healthy and safe.  
  1. Baby bonus. Every baby Mibster receives a special bonus from BrightMarbles.  
  1. Fully paid parental leave. We can’t emphasize enough how we admire new parents. Hence, we cover fully paid parental leave that exceeds the state-paid compensation (both pre- and post-birth). 
  1. Extra free days for our single parents. Single parents get additional free days when in need. 
  1. Financial aid for adoption. Supporting sensitive groups, including adoptive parents, is one of the trademarks of the entire BrightMarbles Group.  
  1. Additional free days for parents of children with disabilities. The Mibsters whose children need an extra hand can always count on our assistance.  
  1. Gifts budget. We enjoy surprising our Mibsters and their kids with beautiful gifts for Christmas and other holidays.  

These are the most important perks that parents with children enjoy by working at BrightMarbles. What’s more, we’re constantly working on introducing new perks that would make parenthood even more enjoyable.  

The Global Presence of Our Fellow Mibsters 

Since its inception in 2016, BrightMarbles has had a dream to merge our knowledge and skills with people from various regions and time zones, and build an IT company that stands out from the crowd.  

And just like in the Inception movie, we had another dream within that vision: to free our fellow developers (and all other Mibsters) from the restraints of typical office work by letting them work at their own pace and deliver final products from any place in the world.  

At this point, we can proudly say that we’ve made these dreams come true: the largest number of Mibsters opt for remote work. They can go jogging and break a sweat in the morning instead of sweating on a public bus, or prepare lunch for their school kids on a break. (A lot of our Mibsters actually log in from exotic locations, from the sunny Valencia and warm beaches of Rhodes to the breezy mountain tops of the Dolomites).  

As long as you’re safe, available, and deliver on time, choosing your perfect work setting is up to you.   

Since our flexible-work policies and valuable benefits have turned out to be a winning formula, we’ll continue supporting modern work models and diversity in everything we do.  


At BrightMarbles Group Holding, every Mibster is an important cog that helps the entire mechanism move forward. If the cogs are not adequately greased, the mechanism won’t work properly. That’s why we provide our workers with the best equipment, work conditions, and company perks out there. With contented workers at the front and caring management at the back, together we’ll pave the way into a bright and prosperous business future.