Benefits 25 days of vacation

Everybody needs vacation…right? Guess at least John’d agree.

Programming is not stressful at all

There’s a law dictating minimal days of vacation per worker per year, and it all differs from state to state. The current minimum in Serbia is 20 days or 4 weeks of vacation. Well, it might not be such a bad deal after all.

According to research conducted in Serbia by PwC in 2018, employers within the software industry practice 21 days of vacation on average.


What if we told you we offer 25 days of vacation

Every employee in BrightMarbles, no matter the seniority, time spent in the company, or department – we all have that extra week to relax and spend our time, in the country, by the seaside, hanging out with our friends, or Netflix (or for some people, like myself, to whom Netflix is a dear friend – just friends).

And the procedure to use your vacation is straightforward and simple. Just check with your client and together with your team lead figure out who’d be your replacement.

And voila!

Dip your toes in the ocean, order a mojito and enjoy the sun.