nce upon a time, in a realm of magic and wonder, seventeen valiant warlords found themselves receiving a summons so intriguing that they could not resist its call. The message spoke of a place known as the legendary Frostfall Lodge, where hot springs bubbled with rejuvenating warmth, snow-covered slopes beckoned for exhilarating skiing adventures, and the aroma of rich hot chocolate filled the air. The purpose of the gathering was to unite the Lightweight forces of the realm and strategize against their common enemies. 

Excitement filled the air as the Warlords arrived, their hearts pounding with anticipation. The lodge, a marvel of enchantment, welcomed them with open arms. They settled into their seats, ready to embark on a quest unlike any other. Among the warlords were the High Elf, a skilled LoreMaster of Scrum; the Goblin Berserker, embodying XP; the resourceful Gnome Engineer devoted to DSDM; the Halfling Artificer, adeptly shaping ASD; the Fairy Artisan, weaving wonders with Crystal; and many others. 

Their agenda unfolded, and the morning session took center stage. Each Warlord shared their dreams and visions for the realm, kindling a fire of hope within their comrades. Deep within their hearts, the Warlords of Agile yearned to restore balance to the realm. They witnessed the growing darkness, the imbalance that threatened to consume their world. It was their shared vision to bring back harmony, where mythical creatures and magical wonders could flourish once more. They knew that by standing united, they could conquer any obstacle that lay before them. The last gathering at Rogue River Lodge was not a remarkable success, and the name “Lightweight” surely was not suitable for such a powerful army. Realizing the need for a name that truly encapsulated their strength and prowess, the Warlords deliberated upon a more fitting title. In this hallowed hall, they vowed to form an alliance that would embody valor, ingenuity, and a thirst for legendary expeditions. And so, the Alliance of Greatness, Ingenuity, and Legendary Expeditions, known as AGILE, was born. 

With the morning session concluded, the Warlords rose, their spirits ablaze with determination. They understood that their alliance would lead them on extraordinary quests, where their skills and unwavering courage would shape the fate of their realm. The Warlords of Agile channeled their mastery of magic to create a wondrous artifact. With their combined sorcery, they infused the essence of their alliance into an artifact imbued with the flames of their passion. The artifact glowed with an ethereal radiance, its engravings pulsating with power. As they held the artifact aloft, the Warlords felt an immense surge of energy coursing through their veins. It stood as a powerful symbol, a testament to the unbreakable unity they shared and the extraordinary bond they had meticulously woven. The Agile Manifesto, as the artifact came to be known, would forever guide their path, a beacon of wisdom and inspiration igniting the flames of greatness in all who encountered its teachings. 

News of their exploits spread across the realm, enchanting the hearts of those who yearned for adventure. Through unity, magic, and unwavering resolve, the Warlords restored balance to the realm, befriended mythical creatures, and stood as beacons of courage. Their alliance and the Agile Manifesto forged a new era, forever etching their legacy in the chronicles of valor and adventure. The epic saga of Agile echoed through generations, a timeless reminder that unity and unwavering resolve can conquer even the most extraordinary quests. In eternal harmony, the realm of magic and wonder thrived, guided by the principles of the Agile Manifesto. 


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Tanja Maliković is a seasoned IT professional with extensive expertise spanning over a decade. Her experience primarily lies in product and delivery management, complemented by her proficiency in frontend development, QA, and backend operations. When she’s not engrossed in the dynamic world of technology, Tanja indulges in her passion for books, particularly those within the genres of fantasy, science fiction, and thrillers. Additionally, she cherishes the invaluable moments she shares with her delightful toddler, embracing the joys of parenthood.